Mind-Blowing Oral

For some, it is the Holy Grail of female orgasms, for others it’s a trial of endurance akin to running four marathons back-to-back naked with no shoes, and for nearly every man it is a skill he prides himself on, or would kill to acquire. What’s that? Oral, of course. Continue reading

The Broke Guy’s Guide To Dating

Are you feeling stuck and lonely… waiting to start dating once you get more money?

You see the type of women you want to date on television, walking around your city, or in your classes, yet you are thinking (if you were really honest)… Why would they want to date me?

Yo! I get it…

I was once living in my Aunt’s extra bedroom and scraping by on savings. I had big plans, but these plans still needed some time. What was I supposed to do if I wanted to meet and date women now though?

Here’s one secret most guys never figure out: Continue reading