The Broke Guy’s Guide To Dating

Are you feeling stuck and lonely… waiting to start dating once you get more money?

You see the type of women you want to date on television, walking around your city, or in your classes, yet you are thinking (if you were really honest)… Why would they want to date me?

Yo! I get it…

I was once living in my Aunt’s extra bedroom and scraping by on savings. I had big plans, but these plans still needed some time. What was I supposed to do if I wanted to meet and date women now though?

Here’s one secret most guys never figure out: Your lack of money can help you connect, date, and even sleep with more women… now.

Most of the leading dating experts completely agree with me. You can date plenty of women and you don’t need to have or spend a dime.

Do you want to stop waiting and start dating now? If you are a guy, who just can’t wait, I wrote this article specifically for YOU.

The biggest reason you aren’t dating a hottie (hint: it isn’t money)…

Here’s the REAL problem: Your mindset has been warped by a culture obsessed with money.

You subconsciously believe you aren’t enough, unless you are throwing Benjamins at bottles of Cristal in the club with P-Diddy on Friday nights.

How could you NOT be influenced by the advertising that is everywhere you look?

You see between 3000 and 20000 ads every single day.

Each of these ads is the result of billions of dollar and decades of scientific research into how your brain works. They are designed to create a DESIRE in you, so you will want to buy their product. They are getting very good at it too.

Before I start creating my next Conspiracy Theory Masterpiece :), let’s just say, these ads are powerful and you can’t avoid their messages (unless you live in Sao Paulo, Brazil where ads are outlawed in the city).

The powerful idea that will revolutionize your dating…

You are enough.

You don’t need a Mark Zuckerberg bankroll to date as many women as you want. Or to find that one girl who is completely HOT on every level you want.

You are enough… so start asking girls out as soon as possible and taking her out on free dates.

Free dates are like Attraction Magnets for women.

Free dates can create way more attraction than expensive, fancy dates.

What you don’t know is that rich guys are having the same problem as your broke ass. Rich guys are complaining to their dating coach or their counselor how they just don’t get why women aren’t falling for them. They are taking them out to the best restaurants, with the finest meals, and they are investing serious coin in them.

Here is the secret that most rich guys don’t quite get: She doesn’t care about dollars… she wants YOU.

She wants to be attracted to you and feel a connection with you that she has never felt with any other guy.

Money can’t buy this connection, in fact it can make those first dates confusing, full of pressure, and thick with expectations. All of these can kill a connection, before it really gets started.

Free dates are the best way to bring the real, brilliant YOU to the table too.

Here’s why free dates work:

  1. Shows your confidence: Our culture says, “Go drop a ton of money on her and she will like you (and maybe sleep with you)”. It is almost like getting a prostitute. When you just bring yourself, you show her how confident you are that YOU are enough.
  2. Removes the barriers between YOU and HER: Money creates barriers on a first date. If you spend 100$, then you are hoping you are going to GET something for your money. She will be thinking she just GOT something too.When there is no money spent, it is just you and her doing what is important… getting to know each other and seeing, if you can have fun together.
  3. Removes pressure: Pressure can kill a new connection quickly. Spending a lot of money adds pressure, but spending nothing takes that pressure away. When you spend a lot of money, it creates a lot more hopes and expectations.When you decrease your investment, it is easier for you (and her) to relax and just have a good time.

Common questions guys have:

I’m betting (and hoping) you have some questions. Let’s roll through those and then get to some adventurous, inexpensive date ideas.

A. I don’t want to look cheap. Will this make me look cheap?

Remember that this isn’t about saving your money. This is about creating a unique, fun connection on your dates. You are removing the barriers and seeing, if you both can have fun together.

B. I’m a gentleman… this doesn’t sound gentlemanly?

If you ask her out, then you pay, right? So if you ask her to dinner, then you pay. But if you ask her to go on a nature hike, then there is no opportunity to pay. There is nothing to buy. Being a gentlemen has nothing to do with dollars and is all about how you treat her.

Maybe you could splurge at the end of your hike and get her an ice cream. Total date cost: 5$

C. I can’t think of any options for cheap dates. Do you have suggestions?

You can’t think of any because you haven’t went on any. There are loads of options all around you and the more you go on them, the more you will see.

Here are some common free date ideas:

  • Walk in the park
  • Nature hike
  • Volunteer at your local food shelter
  • Ride bikes
  • Go rollerblading
  • Go skateboarding
  • Play Frisbee golf
  • Watch the sunset/sunrise
  • Window shop
  • Walk through bookstores
  • Join a flash mob
  • Go geocaching
  • Visit a local art museum or other museum

Check your local event calendar for free options too.

Do this now…

The key point to take away from this is that you are enough right now. Go ask out that hot girl you have your eye on as soon as possible.

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